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This is an archive of our work featuring participant deliverables, tech and social justice curriculum and other learning resources.

Date: 2019 November 16
Location: UC Santa Cruz Everett Program office
Social Justice Theme: Climate Justice
Tech Tool:  Twine & coding
Community Partner: Internal with the Everett Program
Participants: 34
Creations: Coded interactive non-linear stories on climate justice

Positive Growth: Collaboration between college students and college youth created an inclusive environment where they were able to work and learn how to code together. Coding was easier to digest and participants were able to develop solutions for their interactive story of their choice when it was relevant to issues they cared about.
Lessons Learned:

  1. Digital storytelling is a powerful tech learning tool because it requires participants to deeply reflect on how a social justice issue has impacted them and reinforces the concept. 

  2. Providing tips and tricks resources lowers the threshold for learning a new tech tool.

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