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This is an archive of our work featuring participant deliverables, tech and social justice curriculum and other learning resources.

Date:  Saturday, April 23, 2022
Format: 1 Impactathon workshop, for an 8-hour session
Location: Watsonville DigitalNEST, CA

Social Justice Theme: Data Science
Tech Tools:  CANVA & Google Sheets
Community Partners:  The DigitalNEST and Everett Program 
Participants: 12
Creations: Created Infographics related to specific data on the community of Watsonville, CA

Positive Growth: Participants were able to learn new information on how data science works and the ways in which they and their community can be affected by it. We helped create a peer-to-peer, near-to-peer environment that not only allowed them to make new connections but also create meaningful Infographics through social justice awareness, analyzing and visualizing data, and collaborating with each other on topics they felt passionate about. 
Lessons Learned:  

  1. Seeing collaborative spaces as a space to learn about how I interact within a group, as well as, how to foster comfortable spaces. 

  2. Having Sustainable Engagement allows for greater community building and a deeper foundation in connecting participants to learning the tech tools and their impact on the social justice aspect within data.

  3. Tech learning through a near-to-peer, peer-to-peer environment not only adds to the outcome of the social justice issue taking place but also creates a space where participants are able to take what they learned through the workshop and create something valuable to show for themselves.

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